Facebook proposes adding Instagram user data, abolishing user vote

Facebook is proposing integrating user data with Instagram user data, and abolishing a voting system that allowed users to weigh in on potential changes to the site. The changes bring some privacy concerns for users, but come from Facebook’s desire to monetize and streamline user data.

Project Runway brings fan voting to Twitter

Project Runway viewers are already big social media users, sharing thoughts about the show while watching it live. So why not use Twitter as a way for fans to vote for their favorite contestant. That was the thinking behind Project Runway‘s Fan Favorite contest.

Election Badges, Vote by Check-In and Twitter Bubbles

If badges, check-ins, tweets and other social tools are your thing, here’s a roundup of some of the services and features involved in tomorrow’s elections — including a special Foursquare badge, a Facebook “get out the vote” challenge, and a location app for tracking voter interest.

If Voting is a Social Game, Will It Make Democracy Better?

Can social games help encourage people to vote, and also improve democracy? One candidate is hoping they can: Clayton Trotter, who is running for Congress in Texas, has used Facebook Places to create a social-election game in which citizens get points and badges for voting.

Microsoft Releases IE Patch for Browser Exploit

microsoft-ie-logoIn case you missed it yesterday, news hit of a serious browser exploit in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer with regards to remote code execution. And it wasn’t just the latest version of the browser used by the majority of computer users, but prior versions as well. The good news is that alternative browsers like Firefox, Opera and Safari aren’t subject to the issue. The even better news is that Microsoft already has a patch available for download according to Lifehacker.

If you’re running IE 5.01, 6, or 7, you’ll want to grab the update direct from Microsoft and put your mind at ease. And commence comments of “No, you should switch to [insert browser name here]…” in 3, 2, 1… GO! 😉

Vote, Uninterrupted

If you’re planning to vote in person this election, you’d better get familiar with regulations in your state around bringing camera cell phones and other recording devices into the polling area.
Some state election statutes expressly prohibit using cameras or other recording devices within a short distance of the polling place, according to Sam Bayard, assistant director of the grassroots journalism organization Citizen Media Law Project. Kentucky even passed a law in June 2005 that appears to make participating in PBS and YouTube’s Video Your Vote project illegal, he said. Read More about Vote, Uninterrupted