Cloud provider Internap adds hosted offerings for itty-bitty companies

Internap bought Voxel early this year to boost its dedicated hosting and public cloud portfolios and to extend its reach into smaller companies. Now its new Agile Hosting services will let even tiny businesses configure and deploy IT infrastructure from an online configurator.

Internap buys Voxel to beef up dedicated hosting and public cloud mojo

Internap, the first company out of the chute with an OpenStack Compute–based public cloud, is buying Voxel for that company’s dedicated hosting and cloud services expertise. This could be a sign that the cloud-service consolidation that kicked off last year will continue into 2012.

Today in Cloud

Dell is, somewhat silently, positioning itself as the leading server vendor for “true” private-cloud environments. (When I say “true,” by the way, I’m referring to internal clouds that mimic the management functionality of public cloud offerings.) Dell’s move to offer cloud-management software from Joyent made headlines last week, but I found out today that Voxel’s private-cloud solution also has been certified to run on certain Dell boxes (and, it appears, only on Dell boxes). I’ve discussed ad nauseum custom vs. commodity hardware and Dell’s bet on the latter, but solutions like those from Joyent and Voxel could help Dell’s vision flourish.

As Clouds Reach the Enterprise, Opportunities Are Clear

It’s been about three years since Amazon made its risky bet on delivering computing and storage via the cloud. It started by offering commitment-free, pay-as-you-go storage, enabling startups to start scaling their businesses without significant investment in capital equipment. It later added compute cycles to its services and today has a host of other offerings, including a content delivery network.
Both the hype and perceived value around cloud computing has expanded since that first shot was fired, but enterprises remain cautious. What’s becoming clear is that the best way to get them to join the cloud revolution is to introduce private or internal clouds for corporate IT and then gradually merge or offload data from those private corporate clouds into public ones. In other words, for cloud vendors, the big opportunities in the cloud space are in helping enterprise customers deploy their own internal clouds (like Elastra or the larger vendors do), helping them manage multiple clouds, and figuring out how to transfer data between internal and external clouds. Read More about As Clouds Reach the Enterprise, Opportunities Are Clear

Voxel Adds Cloud Computing With SilverLining

voxelVoxel, the managed hosting provider, has built its own cloud computing product called SilverLining that will compete with Amazon’s (s AMZN) Elastic Compute Cloud and Rackspace’s (s RAX) CloudServers products. Thanks to its managed hosting business, Voxel plans to offer the same hybrid strategy that both Rackspace and ServePath offer, which combines dedicated servers with cloud computing for spikes in traffic or one-off projects. Read More about Voxel Adds Cloud Computing With SilverLining

Voxel Takes Aim at CDNs, Amazon S3 Service

Voxel, a New York-based startup, wants to upend the content delivery network business by offering an ultra low-cost service that rides on the back of Amazon’s S3 offering. It’s a move that is sure to further exacerbate the woes of the CDN business, which has already been wracked by price wars.

Raj Dutt, Voxel’s founder and CEO, has been fighting the odds since the day he started his company back in 1999. His idea of providing Linux-based app hosting was ahead of its time; it’s only recently that the world has started to come around to his way of thinking. Similarly, when everyone was jettisoning their fiber assets, Dutt’s company bulked up on dark fiber, becoming a major fiber and infrastructure owner in New York and New Jersey before expanding to San Jose, Palo Alto and other major Internet hubs. Now he’s betting big on offering low-priced CDN services — and effectively daring others in the space to compete.

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