Voxeo Gobbles Up Teleku

Voxeo Corp, the Orlando, Florida-based IP telephony company behind Tropo web-and-telephony cloud-based development platform is acquiring a smaller competitor for an undisclosed amount of money. Teleku. Together, Tropo and Teleku will compete with the startups such as Twilio for the cloud based web-telephony platform business

QuickFuse Joins the Web Telephony Party — Late

The web-based telephony market is getting crowded, with QuickFuse joining the growing number of companies offering web-based platforms upon which developers can build voice applications (or bundle voice into web applications) using simple APIs. But it is late to the party — maybe too late.

Area Codes Are Dead — Thank VoIP

Over the years we have seen the gradual separation of phone numbers from geographical location. To date, Skype’s SkypeIn service has been the best demonstration of this trend; even though I live and work just outside Toronto, Canada, I have a Palo Alto, Calif., SkypeIn number for historical family reasons, and I recently acquired a San Francisco number for Truphone. The same separation can apply to most VoIP-based voice services.
Over the past couple of years Belgian-based Voxbone has also developed an international numbering service which offers its clients a “local” phone numbers in any of 5,000 cities in 45 countries. OnState has used Voxbone’s “local” numbers as access points to its virtual call center service; its clients’ businesses can offer customer service and support centers with worldwide “local” access. However, it would be even more convenient for businesses selling into multiple countries if they could simply offer one universal number worldwide. Now, they can. Read More about Area Codes Are Dead — Thank VoIP