Swedish ISP protects customers from surveillance with free VPN

Bahnhof was the last Swedish ISP to resist the enforcement of a data retention law that is arguably illegal under EU law. Now it’s technically giving in, but it intends to make the retained data useless to spies and law enforcement.

Canadian film producers want a Netflix tax

The growing popularity of Netflix in Canada has resulted in calls for regulation, reports The Toronto Star. The Canadian Media Production Association, which represents English-language filmmakers in Canada, wants to tax Netflix’s service, and force the company to invest in local film production. The group also wants Netflix to take a tougher stance against VPN services that allow users to access the company’s service in other countries, possibly to make sure that Canada’s users don’t access U.S. films that haven’t been licensed for their country yet.

Microsoft Azure boosting its enterprise cloud cred with AT&T partnership

Microsoft has signed a deal with AT&T to let corporate cloud customers connect to the Azure cloud using AT&T’s private network. With the idea that concerns about security have kept enterprises out of the public cloud, this deal emphasizes how none of the corporate assets will touch the public internet. The partnership lets people use AT&T’s virtual private network service to connect their data centers to Azure and presumably gives Azure a leg up in advertising itself as an enterprise-focused cloud.

Boingo Wi-Finder for iOS smartly adds data usage tracking

With a reported 50 percent of all smartphone owners not knowing how much mobile broadband their handsets use each month, data usage tracking tools are becoming valuable utilities. Boingo just added one to its Wi-Finder for iOS app, which can help save you money.

Olympic winners: How NBC’s authentication helped VPN providers

How about this for an unlikely winner of the 2012 London Olympics: VPN providers have been signing up lots of new users looking to access streams of the games in real time. Which makes one wonder: Wouldn’t it be better if those customers paid broadcasters instead?

Hotspot Shield lets your Android surf safely over public Wi-Fi

Looking for a little safety and mobile privacy at that public hotspot? AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield app might be worth the look for your Android device: The new software is a multi-purpose mobile utility, combining VPN web browsing with anti-malware and broadband data compression.