Vudu avoids the Apple tax with iPad mobile site

Vudu is finally making its streaming VOD store available on the iPad. But while most streaming video services have launched apps on the tablet, Vudu is coming to market with a mobile web experience, in part so that it doesn’t have to share revenues with Apple.

Amazon getting serious about competing with Netflix

With an expanded content library and a new key asset acquired to play in the consumer electronics market, Amazon is becoming more aggressive in its pursuit of Netflix. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time, with Netflix approval at all-time lows.

As DVD sales decline, adds Vudu streaming

Vudu’s streaming-video-on-demand service is about to get a big boost, as it’s being integrated with the website of parent company Walmart. That will introduce millions of new “every day low price” shoppers to the joy of online video through the Vudu service.

UltraViolet is ready. Now Hollywood needs to make it work.

The DECE has finally completed the backend work needed to roll out services based on its UltraViolet initiative. Now Hollywood needs to spread the word to consumers about what UltraViolet is, how it works and most importantly, why they will want to buy movies again.

Vizio’s Vudu Button Highlights Race to the Remote Control

Vizio is adding a Vudu button to remote controls for its connected TVs and Blu-ray players. The button provides easier navigation to the service, but it also highlights the struggle publishers face when trying to reach viewers on connected devices where dozens of apps compete.

PlayStation Network Outage Bad News for Netflix and Hulu

Want to watch videos from Netflix or Hulu Plus on your PS3? Well, you’re out of luck: Sony has taken the PlayStation Network offline after suffering a serious security breach last week, and both online video services are closely tied to the game console’s network.

Vudu Launches Browser-Based Video Streaming Service

Vudu has rapidly expanded the number of devices that offer its video on demand service. But the one place you couldn’t find it was in your web browser. That changes today, as full video streaming of all titles will now be available on

iTunes Tops Online Movie Sales, But Competition Is Heating Up

Apple’s iTunes is #1 when it comes to movie sales and rentals online, but Microsoft’s share is growing quickly due to sales of its Kinect motion controller. While Sony ranks third now, it could soon be overtaken by Walmart’s Vudu if that service continues to grow.

Boxee Box Finally Gets Vudu

Boxee Box owners, the wait is over: No, you’re not getting your long-promised Netflix app quite yet. But you will finally be able to rent and purchase major Hollywood movies, in HD and 3D, thanks to the official launch of the Vudu app on Boxee.