Vysr Opens The Doors To Its RoamAbout Platform

Vysr took another step forward in their development of the “user-centric Web” earlier this week as they announced the opening of their RoamAbout platform to 3rd party developers.

I’ve covered RoamAbout in the past and was impressed at the idea of being able to connect to my networking and other services from anywhere, all without leaving my source site.

Their existing Personal and Business Packs gave us a taste of what RoamAbout could do, but I can’t wait to see how things progress in the hands of the development community. I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on the application directory to see what we can come up with. The demand for access to the development site has apparently been overwhelming.

RoamAbout is a free extension available for IE and Firefox.

What services would you like to see added to RoamAbout?

Vysr Packs Let You RoamAbout The User-Centric Web

Vysr logoThe folks at Vysr announced today the release of Business and Social Packs for their RoamAbout Platform. RoamAbout provides contextual access to your favorite web services and social networks without leaving your source site, and these targeted collections significantly extend their offering.

The Business Pack is aimed for productivity with hooks for news and finance along with Wikipedia, while the Social Pack brings Flickr, YouTube and Twitter on board. The Web Worker will likely need both, and the extension does allow you to customize the interface to choose the desired services.

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Vid-Biz: Layoffs, Comcast, Yahoo

Warner Bros. May Lay Off 1,000 Workers; cutbacks due to WGA strike. (Reuters)
Comcast’s tru2way Does Away With Set-Top Boxes; platform will be baked directly into the devices and will let developers create interactive features. (TVWeek)
Yahoo Partners with Belo for Local News Coverage; Yahoo to host video clips from 13 TV stations for coverage of cities including Austin, Texas; Portland, Oregon; and St. Louis. (release)
NBC Revamps Nightly News Site; new features include the nightly telecast, extended interviews and web-only segments. (The Hollywood Reporter)
MediaFLO Gets More Network Content; mobile TV platform to add shows from CBS, NBC, MTV and FOX. (Broadcasting & Cable)
Wallstrip Founder Starts New Private Equity Fund; Howard Lindzon unveils Knight’s Bridge Capital Partners, an $80 million private equity fund with Kenny Finkelstein. (Howard Lindzon blog)
National Lampoon Buys CollegeHangover.com; famed comedy brand buys UGC site dedicated to college students doing dumb things. (paidContent)

Samsung shows off 64 Gigabit flash memory

SamsungflashmemoryWith SSD or Solid State Drives slow to pick up speed in terms of sales and competitive pricing, this news might help quicken the pace. Samsung is showing off a new NAND flash memory module with a capacity of 64 Gigabits; not gigabytes, so this one chip doesn’t offer enough capacity for a Windows installation as an example. However, the 30-nanometer circuit chips could be stacked on a single board to offer large capacity, say 128 GB, flash hard drives. We won’t see any products with these chips until 2009 and it’s possible that Samsung could focus more on integrated storage for digital audio players, phones and the like. Let’s hope they don’t limit the potential applications so we can get some high-capacity, lower-priced flash storage in our mobile computers.

Symbian CEO quits

Just when things were beginning to go right for Symbian OS, David Levin, chief executive of Symbian has called it quits and has moved over to United Business Media. In a sense he has gone back to his publishing roots, though one wonders about the future of Symbian?