Z-Wave Makes Headway in Home Energy, via Verizon

Did the proprietary wireless technology Z-Wave just do a leap frog move into the smart energy home over a more standards-based approach like ZigBee? Verizon confirmed with me late last week that its inaugural smart home energy pilot will initially be based around Z-Wave.

Veebeam Raises $6M for Wireless Video Streaming

Veebeam announced that it’s raised $6 million in the first tranche of a two-tranche funding round. The startup, which makes a wireless USB system for streaming from the PC to the TV, will use the funds to ramps up production and ship product to customers.

Quick Tip: Eject a CD/DVD via the Menu Bar

If you want to eject a disc from your Mac, there are currently two ways of doing this in OS X that most users know of, but there’s actually a hidden app that you may not know about that resides in the menu bar.

Coping With the Loss of Hard Drive Space

Despite storage becoming so cheap, it is still a good practice to keep tabs on your hard drive’s capacity. I’ll help you to arm yourself with the tools to figure out where that space is going, and how to maintain and protect it in the future.

FollowUp: A Lightweight Email Reminder Service

Do you sometimes forget to follow up on important emails, or struggle with adding follow up reminders to your calendar? FollowUp is a useful, free and easy-to-use service that you can use to automatically send yourself a reminder to follow up.

When the Latest Isn’t the Greatest

Are you the kind of person who has to have the latest versions of hardware and software? If so, don’t bother to read on; for the rest of us, it’s worth considering if and when to move to a new version.

Google TV: A Video Tour

Still don’t know what Google TV is all about? The company wants to explain it to you in detail, and it has released a new video tour to do so. The video features various third-party content sources compatible with Google TV, but Hulu.com is notably absent.