Xbox One takes over Input 1

With the Xbox One, Microsoft hasn’t so much torn up the cable box as shoved it aside. The unit’s HDMI pass-through feature, kludgy as it may seem, has the effect of getting the cable box off HDMI 1 on the TV so the Xbox One can go there instead.

Tuning in the future of OTT video

Co-opting over-the-top services and whatever other functionality is supported by a set-top — like gaming — into a single, seamless experience for their own subscription service could give pay-TV providers greater leverage with content owners in their increasingly pitched battles over programming costs.

Simon & Schuster to stream book videos on Roku and Blinkx

Book publisher Simon & Schuster is ramping up video distribution, creating content channels and signing with partners like Roku, Blinkx and Taboola. For now, the videos are intended to promote books and authors, not to drive advertising revenue.

Reporter shield protects Jobs biographer in Apple e-book case

Class action lawyers want Steve Jobs’ biographer to hand over his source material to help them prove that Apple and publishers fixed e-book prices. But a judge has agreed that the author can refuse under a law that protects journalists and their sources.

Analyst talks three possible routes for future Apple TV

A dedicated Apple TV set was a hot topic at the end of 2011. So far in 2012, news on that front has been relatively quiet, but a new note by longtime Apple TV set booster and Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster is reigniting the discussion.

Steve Jobs bio: 379,000 U.S. sales and counting

Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography has clearly been successful, topping best-seller lists ahead of its release, but new numbers reveal the extent of that success. The 656-page book has sold around 379,000 copies in the U.S. during its first week, according to a Nielsen report.