Apple sites nearly blocked in Belgium over warranty spat, reports suggest

A Belgian magistrate has mulled blocking Apple(s aapl)’s websites there, according to local reports on Tuesday, as spotted by This was as a result of the still-ongoing kerfuffle over Apple and warranties – although EU law says consumer goods should automatically come with a two-year warranty, and although Apple acknowledges as much on a webpage, the firm still advertises its gadgets as being covered by a one-year warranty and tries to upsell customers to a two-year AppleCare plan. The reports suggest the magistrate may have realized blocking Apple’s sites would mess with iTunes and other services, so is still considering his next move.

Italy not letting Apple off the hook for illegal warranty policy

Another international legal snag for Apple: Italy is moving to add additional fines and even force the company to temporarily shut down its operations in the country until it complies with local laws that require two years of free warranty coverage. Apple has ignored previous warnings.

Have a jailbroken iPhone? There’s a warranty for that

It’s fairly widely known that if you jailbreak your iPhone it probably voids the device’s warranty from Apple. But SquareTrade, a third-party gadget warranty provider, changes the equation for potential iOS hackers by offering to fix or replace jailbroken devices, no questions asked.

Gadget warranty provider SquareTrade lands $238M from Bain Capital

SquareTrade, a San Francisco-based company that provides warranties for gadgets like the iPhone, landed a $238 million investment from Bain Capital. The new investment is being made jointly by Bain’s private equity and venture capital affiliates. Further financial details about the deal have not been disclosed.

Quick tip: Organize and protect your new Apple gear

Many of us got some great tech gifts during the holidays. Knowing what exactly you have, and keeping critical info handy can make life easier when problems occur. Here are a few simple tips you can use now to save time and money in the future.

Apple fined by Italian authorities over AppleCare policies

Apple has run afoul of Italian authorities for providing misleading information about consumers’ rights in the country when it comes to product warranties. On Tuesday, the country’s Antitrust Authority announced it had placed a fine of €900,000 euros ($1.17 million USD) on the iPhone maker.

New AppleCare+ extended warranty covers accidents

Apple has introduced a new level of AppleCare for iPhone shoppers, called AppleCare+. This version of Apple’s extended warranty coverage is available beginning Oct. 14 — the same day as the iPhone 4S — and covers accidental damage, unlike the previous variety.

Mac 101: 10 essential tips for bringing a Mac to college

With Mac products so popular on college campuses these days, here are some tips to make sure your (or your kids’) college Mac experience goes as smoothly as possible, and won’t end up completely derailed if it does run into a few bumps.

Apple Making Things Right for Unibody MacBook Owners

Apple issued a new support document over the weekend that promises a fix for white, unibody MacBook affected by a problem with peeling rubber on the bottom case. Affected units are now eligible for free repairs, for up to two years from the original purchase date.