An emerging source of clean power in India: city waste

City waste is an emerging source of clean power in India. Next month a company called Ramky Enviro Engineers plans to conduct a $200 million IPO and will use the funds to build a power plant that uses municipal waste as fuel.

Waste Management bets on turning trash into sugars

Finding new and profitable ways to recycle the trash it collects has guided the investment strategy of Waste Management, which recently put money into a startup that can turn some of the garbage into sugars for making plastic and other products.

Vimeo debuts Focus Forward, a film series about the big ideas in tech

Vimeo has joined forces with General Electric(s GE) and video publisher Cinelan to launch “Focus Forward” — a micro documentary series that aims to showcase big, world-changing technology innovations in a compelling way. All the videos will be three minutes long and posted online.

Genomatica files for IPO for making green chemicals

Green chemical developer Genomatica has filed for an initial public offering to seek up to $100 million, according to its government filing on Wednesday. The company engineers processes to create chemical from renewable sources for making a variety of products, from clothing to auto parts.

OPX Biotechnologies raising $45M for next-gen biofuels

Four-year-old OPX Biotechnologies, which uses genomics to make biofuel production more efficient and economic, is in the process of raising a $45 million round, and has closed on $37 million of that funding, according to a filing.

Waste Management Bets on German Trash Tech With Agnion

We like trash technology — tech that can turn trash into something useful — and clearly garbage giant Waste Management does, too. The serial corporate investor just added another one to its portfolio: Agnion Energy out of Germany.

Startup Turns Plastic-to-Crude Oil, Gets VC Cash

Trash king Waste Management has joined a $22 million investment in startup Agilyx, which has technology to turn plastic otherwise headed for the landfill into a synthetic crude oil. The garbage and recycling company has one of the more interesting investing strategies out there.

Al Gore’s New Passion: Organic Waste Recycling

Recycling is a tried-and-true form of energy efficiency, so it’s no surprise greentech investors such as Al Gore would find the concept appealing. For Harvest Power, that means a $51.7 million round to build facilities to turn organic waste into fertilizer and energy.