Lance Armstrong shows why the disruption in journalism matters

Journalists like Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward have questioned whether social media or the web have anything to contribute to journalism, but the case of Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong shows alternative sources like blogs and Twitter can play a powerful role in breaking news.

Twitter, World War II and the death of official secrets

The government’s attempt to keep the president’s trip to Afghanistan a secret was foiled by Twitter — in the same week that the Associated Press apologized to the reporter it fired 67 years ago for breaking the embargo on the end of World War II.

Why Bob Woodward is wrong about the internet and journalism

Veteran investigative reporter Bob Woodward said this week the Internet would not be of much use in a case like Watergate, the story he helped break in 1972. But he misses the point about the value of using a multitude of sources instead of just one.