Shell CEO: Energy efficiency, not clean power, is key

Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Peter Voser, says energy efficiency technology is a must-have to help feed a world with a growing appetite for energy, but the same can’t be say for alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.

Cleantech Open announces winners

Twenty-one cleantech startups from across the U.S. competed for a grand prize of $250,000 in investment and services at this year’s Cleantech Open Business Competition. And the winners are . . .

Ocean power: Still DOA

Federal regulators canceled three ocean power project permits in California because the permit holder, located in Sonoma County, couldn’t come up with the money to carry out the projects.

Wave-powered robots to monitor the oceans

A company called Liquid Robotics, which makes a wave-powered marine robot, took one step closer to world domination and announced it’s raised $22 million from Silicon Valley venture firm VantagePoint Capital Partners and oil and gas vendor Schlumberger.

PG&E Sinks Wave Power

Looks like PG&E is finally giving up on wave power, for the time being. PG&E’s spokesman Denny Boyles tells KQED that it has essentially abandoned the wave power projects it had been researching, including pilot projects and permits for three areas along the California coast.

Gavin Newsom: Still Dreamin’ of SF Wave Energy

San Francisco’s outgoing mayor Gavin Newsom has long backed clean power, for the city but there’s one energy initiative that has remained outside his grasp: using the power of the ocean to generate electricity. Can he make it happen from state office?

Oh Buoy! Harvesting Wave Power on the Cheap

Wave power startup Columbia Power Technologies is now gearing up for the final small-scale test of its generator ahead of a full-scale demonstration project planned for 2012 in Puget Sound.

7 Projects Paving the Way for Ocean Power

Will noise from ocean installations influence migratory marine animals? How should ocean power proposals be evaluated? A round of grants totaling over $4.2 million announced on Tuesday will support a crop of research projects seeking answers to these questions and more over the next three years.

Vuguru Spins Out With Funding From Rogers

Vuguru, the digital studio run by Michael Eisner’s The Tornante Co., will become a standalone entity with investment and a distribution agreement with Canada’s Rogers Media, the broadcasting and publishing arm of Rogers Communications (s RCI).

The deal is significant for Vuguru, which was out front of the original premium online video movement but simply hasn’t made very much content. With the new investment, the company plans to eventually make 30 web series per year (next year, a more modest 10 to 15). Rogers will have exclusive Canadian rights to the projects (which, no offense to the big online video watchers in Canada, is only a sliver of the total potential market for any content).

The deal keeps Eisner on as chairman of Vuguru, which he’d started in 2006 (see our initial story). So far, the company has made Prom Queen with Big Fantastic, which saw some 15 million views in its first run but only made “a couple thousand dollars,” though it later was sold internationally and as a DVD. Then Vuguru made The All-For-Nots, Foreign Body, and Back on Topps — of which the latter was the biggest success. Topps was sold to Comedy Central, which is developing it as a TV pilot.

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