Vodafone Shutters Wayfinder in a Sign of Things to Come

Vodafone closed its Wayfinder business just 16 months after spending $30 million to acquire the navigational software firm. It’s a clear sign that if U.S. operators want to continue to monetize navigation, they’re going to have to find ways of doing with without charging customers extra.

It’s a Wrap: CTIA Review

Now that the haze of exhaustion has worn off, I’m reviewing my notes from CTIA. Our cheat sheet was spot on — with the exception of an Android phone, that is. The same prototypes were available that folks saw in February at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona, but there was no actual handset there with which to muck around.

Another disappointment was Sprint’s delay of the launch of Xohm until later this summer. Yet even despite the sense that LTE has gained the upper hand with existing carriers, plenty of vendors were showing WiMAX products. But really, the real news at CTIA this year was around the services that can be delivered over a mobile phone, not the phones or the networks on which those services will be accessed.

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