Google brings Glass to the UK, price of entry is 1,000 pounds

Following earlier news that Glass with Diane von Furstenberg frames is now available, Google(s goog) announced that Google Glass is available outside of the U.S. for the first time. Glass fans in the U.K. can now purchase the wearable display online for a cost of 1,000 pounds (US $1,701.34). Google isn’t calling this a consumer launch, even though the offer is good for any U.K. resident over the age of 18. Instead, the company is expanding the beta and all buyers will be part of the Glass Explorer program to help provide feedback to Google.

Sony to try the smartwatch game for a second time

Sony’s next-generation SmartWatch is “coming soon” according to the product page, and it looks like a huge improvement over the company’s first attempt, which debuted in Sept. 2010. The SmartWatch connects wirelessly to an Android phone for message notifications checking Facebook and Twitter or monitoring exercise.

iWatch 2 concept is the iPod nano of the wearable computer age

I often wear an iPod nano as a watch, but with Android wrist-top devices appearing with much more to offer, it’s feeling a little behind the times these days. Something like Antonio De Rosa’s new iWatch2 is closer to what I’d like to see from Apple.

CES Trend: Digital health gadgets galore

Among the expected rows of new televisions, computers, phones and tablets at the Consumer Electronics Show is a growing number of health gadgets. These vary in form and function, but nearly all of them share some common elements: connectivity, mobile applications and social aspects.

Five big things to watch out for in 2012

What kind of amazing new things are going to happen in tech over the next 365 days? Digital design agency Fjord got out its crystal ball and let us have a preview of its annual prediction of the most important themes in tech next year.

What the future of Apple’s wearable devices could look like

The next iPod you buy could wrap around your wrist and be Siri-controlled through speech commands. That’s because Apple is actively prototyping wearable computing devices, sources told the New York Times, in an effort to stay on top of this emerging tech trend.