Google opens up review process for Glass apps

Google is ready to start reviewing third-party apps for its Google Glass product. The news jives with earlier reports that such apps would become available after a Glass software update this month.

Wearables: A companion to smartphones or a companion to you?

Although there’s another big player in the smartwatch game thanks to Samsung’s Galaxy Gear, I’m not sure that the current concept of smartwatches and other wearables is right. Pushing smartphone data to a wrist is just “table stakes”: Bring me context!

First look video: Samsung Galaxy Gear demonstration

Want a quick look at how the Galaxy Gear works with a Galaxy Note 3? Here’s a brief video demonstration from Samsung’s Unpacked event in New York City showing the watch, user interface and camera features.

No IDC, wearables won’t limit tablet sales growth

Everyone seems to think that successful wearables will replicate functionality on existing devices. I don’t, at least not for a truly innovative smartwatch or wearable display. That’s why IDC’s latest thought on wearables hurting tablet growth makes no sense to me.