This Google Glass app can help you ace your next job interview

Someday, wearing Google Glass to a job interview could become the status quo. My Monitor, an app originally developed to assist with Autism Spectrum Disorder, might be just the thing to put you ahead of the other job candidates thanks to real time biofeedback.

WIMM One puts Android on your wrist

Google’s Android platform already powers phones and tablets, and now it runs on a wrist too: WIMM Labs started shipping its WIMM One wearable computer to developers for $299 on Wednesday. The color display works smartphones but thanks to apps, can be a standalone device too.

Video: inPulse thinks it’s time for wearable displays

The market for smart watches and wearable displays is growing based on the number of companies trying to crack this space. The latest product to cross my desk is the inPulse smartwatch; here’s a video look at this $149 connected timepiece that pairs with a smartphone.

Motorola chases the smart watch fitness market with MotoACTV

Motorola’s big news was supposed to be the resurrection of the Razr brand with the Droid Razr but the manufacturer took people by surprise with a new fitness and music watch called MotoACTV that drops Motorola into a fast growing market for mobile fitness devices.

New iPod nano no threat to smartwatches … yet.

Although the new iPod nano took a back seat to the iPhone 4S and iOS 5, it did gain a software update and could morph into a smartwatch of the future. Should competing products such as the MetaWatch and Live View be worried? Not just yet.