Meet Filip, a simple smartwatch for young kids to call home

Instead of buying a complicated phone and location add-on service for your young child, might a rugged smartwatch make more sense? Yes if it can track kids, receive texts and be used for limited phone calls like the FIlip does.

Pebble smartwatch gets its first app partner: RunKeeper

The Pebble smartwatch, which has become the biggest Kickstarter project ever, is getting its first app partner and it’s a well known name among fitness fans: RunKeeper. RunKeeper users will be able to conduct their activity from the Pebble watch with their smartphone tucked away.

Why you won’t mind recharging your next bifocals

Having got my first pair of progressive bifocals recently, I can’t help but want these smart glasses from PixelOptix. The lenses are embedded with liquid crystals which can create an “electronic reading zone” either automatically, thanks to an integrated accelerometer, or through manual activation.

Google glasses make sense as the “next” mobile device

Smartphones have Google Goggles, an image-recognition search app, but consumers may one day have “Google glasses.” Google has introduced Project Glass, a concept for glasses that integrate directly with Google services. It may sound like a silly project, but there’s a reason the device makes sense.