Qualcomm aims to build server chips that power the data center

Qualcomm is moving beyond mobile chips and will target the data center market with new server-chips, according to Qualcomm CEO Steve Mollenkopf. Mollenkopf detailed the mobile chip-maker’s plans during its annual analyst day meeting in New York City, reported Barron’s.

What’s next for wearables. No, it’s not the “internet of thongs”

Sensors might soon be embedded into everything from our socks to our hospital stretchers, which could be good for collecting data but will certainly change consumers’ interactions with technology. Getting it right might require a delicate balancing act between seamlessness and conspicuousness.

Google Glass is on sale to the public again

Google’s(s goog) Glass Explorer program is once again open to anyone with a web browser and $1,500. After last week’s “one-day” sale event, Google’s product page showed all models of Glass as sold out. Google has apparently restocked all colors and frame models, although they have not made an announcement regarding Glass sales without an Explorer invite. It should be noted that I did not complete a sales transaction, and this could simply be a mistake on Google’s part.
Update: Google’s sale page once again lists all Glass models as sold out. Sorry!