Realtime gets $100M to create a real-time overlay for the web

Realtime’s technology lets developers insert code into their web sites that creates an open pathway direct to their servers. The net result is a user doesn’t have to refresh the browser for updates. Think of it as an IM connection for elements of a web server.

OneOps building development tools for the cloud generation

The lightweight mobile or web application is the computing product of our time: users demand access to key resources while on the move. But the intense pressure on mobile developers requires solid tools to get the job done, and that’s what OneOps hopes to deploy.

Why Pusher wants to help you build the real-time web

London-based startup Pusher began life in unusual fashion — but now, thanks to its tools to let developers build real-time services quickly and easily — it is hoping to become the foundation for a new generation of online apps.

e-tipi: The Collaborative Idea Machine

e-tipi logoe-tipi sounds like a weird name for a web-based service, and when you find out it stands for “Espresso Thinking Platform,” things don’t become much clearer. But once you find out what the app’s developers think “Espresso Thinking” is, then you start to get the idea:

“We believe that sharing an espresso in a nice café creates a particular atmosphere that frees minds and promotes promising ideas to expressly appear. This is what we call Espresso Thinking.”

It’s a nice thought, but is that really something that can be captured in a web-based environment? I recently talked about the same kind of collaboration (lack of coffee products notwithstanding) in an article about my beloved sketchbook, so I was eager to find out if I could recreate the experience digitally using e-tipi. Read More about e-tipi: The Collaborative Idea Machine

Standing Out in a Flood of Web Applications: An Open Letter to Developers


Dear Friends,

On behalf of web workers everywhere, I’d like to thank you for the wonderfully creative ideas you’ve come up with. But since it’s becoming such a crowded field, you need to do a better job telling us why we should spend the time to evaluate your product.

Let me give you some tips, illustrated with real examples from products that have recently come across my desk. I won’t name names, because I haven’t tried the applications in question.

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Fashion Your Firefox Into a Web-Working Machine

addonguy-largeMy Firefox is jam-packed with add-ons. I love them, I collect them, I use them.
I probably overindulge, in fact. Some people, however, are not using them to their full potential, or simply not using them at all. It makes sense if you just have a clean browser policy, but if you’re not aware of what’s available, then you could be missing out.
Mozilla’s new Fashion Your Firefox web application is designed to make add-ons more accessible, and easier to find and install.
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Cruz: New Social Browser for OS X

If you are a regular user of sites like Gmail, Tweenky, Google Reader and other application-like web apps then you are probably already familiar with Fluid, an OS X application written by Todd Ditchendorf that lets you turn those sites into bona-fide, separate Cocoa desktop applications (a.k.a. Site Specific Browsers) via one simple dialog.

With Fluid, you also get some neat extras like built-in Greasemonkey-powered user scripting, the ability to use URL pattern matching to create browsing whitelists and blacklists, auto-software updates of the base application framework, custom site application icons either based on the site’s favicon or an icon you specify, a JavaScript API for showing Dock badges, Growl notifications, Dock menu items, and more. There’s even a built-in plug-in which allows you to browse the web with CoverFlow or iPhoto-like thumbnail previews for links on the current page (which is fully customizable).
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ScrnShots: Tools for Inspiration

Designer's inspirational noticeboardAs a former designer who still dabbles in the odd piece of commercial or hobbyist work, I’m sometimes stuck at the inception of a project, trying to discover the initial creative sparks that ignite a design, for those fragments of inspiration that set out the path from a blank Photoshop document to a living design.

Nine years ago as an interactive designer in a multimedia agency, designers would post various items we liked -magazine clippings, flyers, business cards, websites – onto a physical noticeboard that we could glance up at for inspiration. Over time, this grew organically into a wonderful design resource for the studio.

These days, my equivalent is a folder on my MacBook desktop called ‘Design Bin’ – I screenshot or scan a design I think might be inspirational in future and dump it in my design bin. However simple, this resource is growing in volume but diminishing in context – and in a connected era – is strangely unsociable.

Enter Scrnshots, a web-based service that lets designers share their inspirations by posting screenshots of interesting designs to a Flickr-esque web site.

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jkOnTheRun review- WiBrain B1-H UMPC

WibrainfullviewNote to self: never get a review unit of anything two weeks before or after CES. Not even a new-fangled USB paperweight. OK, not that I’ve got that personal productivity mantra off my chest, it’s time to provide a review of the WiBrain UMPC on loan from Dynamism. I’ll start with a rundown of the specs to level-set you, along with the fact that this device configuration currently sells for $849. Right up until the recent (and drastic) price reduction of the Vulcan Flipstart which now goes for $699, I was telling anyone who would listen that the WiBrain is has a great price to value ratio. It still does, but there are clearly competitors as the low-priced portable market continues to gain momentum. If you missed our unboxing and video Geek Session of the WiBrain, now’s a good time to get a quick video overview.
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