New Chromebook brings a little fragmentation to Chrome OS (Updated)

If a web app works on Google’s old Chromebooks, it works on the new one just announced, right? Not exactly: Netflix doesn’t, nor does Bastion, a fun browser-based game. Native code in the browser may require web apps to be recompiled for the new chips.

BookShout pulls users’ Kindle, Nook books onto other platforms

Startup BookShout lets users import their Kindle and Nook books into its iOS, Android and web-based social reading platform. But the function doesn’t work very well yet, and it seems as if it’s only a matter of time before Barnes & Noble or Amazon shuts it down.

New York Times experiments with HTML5 iPad app

The New York Times is introducing an HTML5 web app for the iPad that will offer digital subscribers another way to access content outside the Times’ website and native apps. The Times said the app is experimental and part of its larger NYT Everywhere strategy.

How MemCachier went from a favor for a friend to cloud ubiquity

Hosted memcached provider MemCachier is expanding like crazy, moving from its homebase on Heroku into the AppFog, CloudBees, DotCloud and Amazon EC2 platforms. It’s impressive growth for a bootstrapped company that launched in April and was little more than an idea a year ago.

Update makes Chromebooks better for work and play

Google’s Chromebook continues to improve. The latest software update for all Chromebooks — even the CR-48 laptops — upgrades the browser to version 21 of Chrome. Even better are some user interface enhancements, more offline support and the ability to use wireless gamepads with a Chromebook.

Should we treat addictive web apps like drugs?

What if Facebook is nothing more than a digital drug dealer and we’re all just junkies? As we head toward a future where technology is not just something we do, but a part of our biology, the answer to that question might take on grave importance.