Sandvox 2.0 Makes Push-Button Publishing Even Easier

Karelia Software released Sandvox 2.0 Tuesday, a major upgrade to its website building software for the Mac. I had a chance to get a walkthrough of the new release from Dan Wood, president of Karelia Software, and the new capabilities are impressive.

24 Ways, an Advent Calendar For Web Geeks, Returns For Its Sixth Year

Web geeks rejoice! 24 ways, an advent calendar for web designers and developers, has returned for its sixth year. Every day until Dec. 24, a new article will be published on the site, covering topics such as design, CSS and JavaScript techniques and business development tips.

6 Useful Design Resources for Startups

You no longer need to spend a great sum of money to get your startup off the ground design-wise. You can find some fine deals for things such as new logos, flyers, presentations, marketing campaigns, new web sites –even a new company name. Here are just some of the tools available.

BrandBucket offers some creative ideas for new domain and company names. It’s basically a domain name exchange system that connects the sellers with buyers. You can find deals from under $500 to well over $5,000, depending on the quality of the name and the domain name owner. There’s also a registry of graphic designers that you can hire to create a new logo for you.

Logoease provides a tool that will let you create your own logo for free. Is also offers a low-cost solution via some preferred designers. Read More about 6 Useful Design Resources for Startups

SlickPlan: Easy and Free Flowcharts

A flowchart can be crucial for explaining certain tasks or ideas. SlickPlan‘s goal is to make sure that you can put together a flowchart quickly, no matter where you are. The web-based application also enables you to put together site maps and interact with your existing designs. It was created with web designers in mind, but anyone can quickly learn to use SlickPlan’s flowcharts. Read More about SlickPlan: Easy and Free Flowcharts

Mockingbird: Build Web Site Mockups Fast

Mockingbird - UntitledWhen you’re trying to pull together all of the elements for a website, having a tool that can help you to build a mockup or wireframe in a matter of minutes can make a world of difference. Mockingbird is such a tool: You can drag and drop user interface elements onto a page, rearranging and resizing as you go. You can even link together the various pages within your mockup so that anyone you share it with can immediately see how a user might navigate through the site. Read More about Mockingbird: Build Web Site Mockups Fast

Mobile Tip: Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch Into an Offline Mobile Reference Library

iphone_3G_SThis is a tip for anyone who wants to get any web working done while you’re traveling and/or in transit for any reason. If you’re going to be in areas of questionable network access, you’d better have the ability to get work done offline at your disposal, and you should also be ready to dig in for extended periods of time without a connection.

For some tasks, you absolutely need network access, but for others, a rich and varied stock of offline-accessible information and research resources should provide plenty of fodder for getting things done. Your iPhone (s aapl) or iPod touch can be a great supplemental resource for exactly this kind of thing. Here’s how to turn your device into an offline road warrior. Read More about Mobile Tip: Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch Into an Offline Mobile Reference Library

Web Worker Careers: Web Design

XHTMLYou wouldn’t be reading this post if it weren’t for web designers. It’s web designers who help make it possible for us to have the best and easiest web experience possible. Web design is a large and growing field; despite the downturn, currently lists nearly 1,000 vacancies for web designers. Demand for skilled web designers is only likely to increase in the future.

Could becoming a web designer be a good career move for you? Read More about Web Worker Careers: Web Design

Workflow: Web Design

OS X is a remarkably versatile platform, with a huge range of software on offer. Whether you’re a designer, musician, journalist, scientist or running a business — there’s a tool to meet your needs. To help you wade through the mass of software and pick out the best bits, we’re starting a new series called “Workflow.”
Each post will walk you through all the particular applications required for a particular task. The first installment will outline all the best applications available for web design. From collecting together your inspiration to hitting publish, you’ll soon have a collection of software to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Read More about Workflow: Web Design

Use Blender to Create Eye-popping 3D Graphics

Who doesn’t like to get something good for free? The open source community offers all kinds of resources that go beyond free applications, including free books on mastering the top open-source applications.

In this post, I’ll cover an excellent book about Blender, available for free online. Blender is a robust 3D graphics and animation application that can help you create eye-popping graphics for web sites, blogs and documents.
Read More about Use Blender to Create Eye-popping 3D Graphics