A new way to make six figures on the Web: teaching

San Fransciso-based online video course startup Udemy today released the salaries of the top 10 instructors on the 2-year-old platform. All of them earned more than $50,000 on their own and the top individual made more than $200,000.

8 Firefox Add-ons I Can’t Do Without

When I upgraded from Firefox 3.5.7 to 3.6 the other day, I discovered that a few of the add-ons that weren’t yet compatible were important to me. In fact, they had become such an integral part of my daily workflow that I was significantly slowed down without them. In this post I’m going to share the add-ons that I find it hard to be without.

Sitemasher Provides Cost-Effective Tools for Web Developers



I wasn’t sure what to make of Sitemasher when I first heard of it. With Sitemasher, you can build a web site, manage the content, get analytics, implement basic SEO, and you get managed hosting to boot.
But at $99/month, I felt the kerpow of sticker shock. I knew that I had to think about Sitemasher differently to fully appreciate its value.
So after a demo with the company, here is what I’ve learned.
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Giving It Up to Get More Done

For the past month, I’ve felt like a doctor who has suddenly become the patient. In my case, however, it is a very good thing. What ails me, you ask? Nothing serious. I’ve just hired a Web designer for the first time ever to redesign my professional web site. And like the old adage that doctors make the worst patients, I’m sure there must be a new adage that old-school Web developers make terrible clients.

Every time I want to open my mouth and put in my $2.50, I bite my tongue. I know that my Web design skills are so…1996. That is the year I began hiring other designers to work for me at my Internet company, finally loosening the iron-fisted grip on the creative, so my HTML and design skills are frozen in time. Still, I’ve always redesigned my own web sites – not because I think I’m a good designer, but because I can. Read More about Giving It Up to Get More Done

UPS teases me about my Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium


That’s just SO not right. I know the Samsung Q1 Ultra Premium shipped yesterday and I paid for 2nd Day Air service. That means I should have the device as early as tomorrow, but I thought it also meant I’d be able to track it today. You know, like hit my browser refresh button a few hundred times today just for the chance to see one, maybe two location updates. I may get the device tomorrow, but I think I’m getting ripped off today. It’s all part of the experience UPS! Or am I the only one who does this? 😉Update: Oh UPS. Still no tracking data and now you have the nerve to ring my doorbell… with an unexpected package for Barb?!? Evil. Pure evil.

Random musings of no importance

JK_100pixIt’s the kind of weekend that has me thinking about goofy stuff that doesn’t really matter but I have to get them out of my system.  Here they are in no particular order:

As bad as the food is at McDonald’s why are their French fries so much better than other fast food chains?  They’re just so golden brown and tasty.  Why haven’t the other food chains figured out how they do it by now?

Speaking of McDonald’s, ever notice how the beeping of the fry machines sounds just like the beeping of life support machines in the intensive care units in hospitals?  I guess that’s kind of appropriate, isn’t it?

Why does the gas pump ask if you want your transaction to be debit or credit?  The only difference at the gas pump is if you choose debit you have to enter your PIN number.  Credit you don’t so why ask?  And why would you choose debit?

Why do people who can’t even operate an electric can opener think they can scan their own groceries at the U-Scan lane in the store?  While the line of people behind them wait for the employees to help them, of course.

As great as the MacBook Pro is there’s nothing better than sitting in the easy chair in front of the basketball game using the Tablet PC like I am now.  It can’t be beat.

Why is Saturday Night Live so bad?  Is the current show so bad due to the lack of star quality or due to bad writing?  Or all of the above?  Remember Jim John Belushi, Dan Akroyd, Gilda Radner and Chevy Chase?  There’s nothing memorable about any of the shows today.

Why do kid’s sport leagues let every team in the division into the playoffs?  Doesn’t that make the whole regular season pointless?  Just ask your kid and he/she will tell you the regular season games don’t matter.

Speaking of kids why do schools try to eliminate competition in schools?  Is it just to protect kid’s delicate psyches or does it stem from the belief that competition hurts self esteem?  A little healthy competition is actually good for kids, it builds character.  If we don’t show our kids how to succeed they can only succeed by accident.  At least that’s obvious to me.

Death of Dial-Up

SBC’s new low $14.95 a month pricing for DSL service is the last nail in the coffin for dial-up, at least in those locales where high speed connections are available. (The offer is only available online.) FCC says that’s over 90% of the country, but then we might be stretching a little. Bad news for AOL, NetZero and all those who have made a living out of selling dial-up connections.
Even though this price is for new customers, the lower prices are going to accelerate the price war between cable and phone companies, at least for new customers. I am sure, cable guys are going to counter this move with same priced service with 1 megabits per second minimum. But the new aggressive move could be a way to throttle down cable operator’s current speed advantage. Alternatively, since we have been noticing all the issues with IPTV – technical and political – which means the higher speeds could take a little while, this could be a defensive move to shore up against line losses to cable operators a chance to mop-up the broadband market. By being aggressive, SBC can lock in a lot more people. That’s smart. Hey no one is talking about the upload speeds on these budget connections. I hope there is enough juice to make VoIP calls. (Or one could call it killing two birds with one stone!)

Apple’s next Pad

June 6, 2004, I wrote: “I expect a new device from Apple – which is somewhere between a laptop and a PDA, but completely connected and be mostly used by the thumb tribes, i.e. young people who cannot live without IM. (Okay – it just a guess about what Apple should or could be building next!)” Funny, exactly two months later we have a similar rumor surface on The Register (via Engadget and Gizmodo) “Apple has filed for a European design trademark which may provide a tantalising glimpse of the company’s long-awaited tablet computer. The filing, made in May this year but only published this week, covers a “handheld computer” and contains sketches of what look like an iBook screen minus the body of the computer,” The Register writes. EWeek had reported that something like this might be in the works at Apple in November 2003. Well looks like this cacophony might result in a new Mac Symphony!