Preparing for TV’s mobile-first future

As other types of publishers have before them, the TV industry’s digital strategy increasingly will need to incorporate the mobile-first principle.

Dell tests open-source laptop for developers

With its Project Sputnik laptop, Dell hopes to lure Linux-loving developers back into its camp and perhaps even get some who defected to Mac OSX to return to the open source fold. The laptop bundles Ubuntu, tools and an on-ramp to github repositories.

Web developers: Watch out for Meteor!

Meteor, a new real-time JavaScript framework targeting web app developers, is causing quite a stir on Twitter and Hacker News. One of the company’s biggest claims is that its open-source technology will enable hot code updates that won’t disturb app users.

Web development: Does Google matter?

These days, the digerati are not showing a lot of love for Google. Last week, a Gizmodo piece summarized much of the criticism of the search giant, and encouraged others to pile on. There has been much scoffing – if not outright derision – for recent Google initiatives. If Google has lost faith among Silicon Valley pundits, does that mean it has lost relevance for web developers?