Take that, vCloud: Microsoft opens Windows Azure to web hosts

It looks like Microsoft is serious about becoming the operating system for cloud computing. At its Worldwide Partner Conference on Tuesday, the company announced what amounts to a white-label version of its Windows Azure cloud platform targeting current Windows Server-based web hosts.

How Much Can a Web Host Make?

Non-fiction shows are a popular format for web series; pretty much all you need to get one off the ground is a camera, a green screen and a host to recap the news, make jokes and offer an opinion. And perhaps you’ve watched web hosts and thought to yourself, “Hey, I could do that!” Maybe you could — but could you make a living doing it?

As the number of non-fiction web shows (and their hosts) continues to multiply, the question of remuneration will only become more important. With that in mind, I contacted a number of new media companies (all of whom asked to remain anonymous) to see what they paid their “talent.” As you can imagine, the answers were pretty diverse, but following are some ballpark figures for what a web host can make:

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