How Ask A Slave found near-instant YouTube success

How did the creators of viral hit “Ask A Slave” hit huge numbers in less than a week? The formula involves prominent blog coverage, the current state of American race relations, and the ignorance of tourists.

2013: The year of the web series second season?

It’s been common for web series to never make it past a first season. But this year, there are four notable examples of shows continuing their runs, from independent teen dramedies to Jerry Seinfeld chatting with comics.

Podcast: Is Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn the future of web series?

The web series Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn got nominated for 8 Streamy Awards today. It’s a big-budget-looking production that could provide insight into what the future of multi-platform video entertainment looks like. In this podcast we talk with the show’s executive producers.

The Digits blends video and gaming to make math rock for kids

Creator Scotty Iseri describes his new educational interactive web series and app experience as “gamified narrative” — he also approaches it as a start-up. The Digits, available on Android and iOS, frames math concepts for the elementary school set.

The Chris Gethard Show blends public access and alt comedy

Thanks to public access television, comedian Chris Gethard has found a way to bring the New York alt comedy scene to the web with The Chris Gethard Show, one of the strangest and funniest interactive talk shows you’ll ever see.