To scale web services, devops devotees should consider economics

For most people scaling out a web service is a matter of thinking about hardware and software. But the recent Surge conference taught me that most devops folk need to look down to the physical infrastructure as well as the economic tradeoffs of building a service.

Why Amazon and Salesforce are pulling away from the cloud pack

In 2011, I predicted Microsoft and Google were poised to own the cloud computing market in the next decade. Eighteen months later, Amazon Web Services and seem like the ones that really have what it takes to dominate over the long haul.

OneOps building development tools for the cloud generation

The lightweight mobile or web application is the computing product of our time: users demand access to key resources while on the move. But the intense pressure on mobile developers requires solid tools to get the job done, and that’s what OneOps hopes to deploy.

How Europe is dealing with the cookie crisis

UK web publishers and marketers may be grumbling about the E-Privacy Directive coming into force, but they can count themselves lucky that they’re not dealing with stricter interpretations of the law that are happening elsewhere across Europe.

HP puts OpenStack cloud into public beta

The OpenStack army marches on. On Thursday, Hewlett-Packard put its public cloud to public beta. The services had been available to a limited number of customers up till now. The news comes a week after Rackspace launched its own OpenStack cloud.

Google and Twitter may struggle to resist UK censors

A British parliamentary committee is asking Google, Twitter and Facebook to filter their services and protect individuals’ privacy. But as the web services start to push back, they may have already sealed their own fate.

Google to Amazon: You’re not the only price chopper around

Amazon isn’t the only cloud power slicing storage prices. On Tuesday Google cut the price on Google Cloud Storage by up to 15 percent in some cases. With this move and new front-end storage partners, Google appears to be making a serious play for enterprise storage.