App Store’s 300 Million Downloads is Remarkable No Matter How You Look at It

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This past Friday, Apple advertised iPhone apps in the New York Times and also mentioned that there have been 300 million app downloads. While most people realize this is pretty amazing, there are some comments quickly rushing to pour water on the app store’s fire…

How many of those 300 million were free apps?

Apparently this is supposed to matter since it would show that Apple isn’t making a lot of money here. So what? It wasn’t Apple’s plan to make a lot of money on the app store. This should be obvious from the fact that they take only 30% of the cost of sold apps, and host free ones for nothing. That’s hardly a model designed to make a big profit. The app store is about content, and people using that content to make the device better for them.
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Web 2.0: Dangerous for your profits?!

Jakob Nielsen, the former Sun Microsystems engineer who became a pioneer of “User Advocacy” on the Web and an early guru of experience-centered site design, posted an essay on his blog Monday that suggests Web 2.0 can be dangerous for your profits.

It isn’t that Web 2.0’s bells and whistles are inherently bad, Dr. Nielsen writes, “[t]hey can be highly effective…But it’s more common to find Web 2.0 ideas that either hurt users or simply don’t matter to users’ core needs.” (Emphasis ours.) And ignoring your users’ core needs is bad for your bottom line, Dr. Nielsen argues.

AJAX, rich Internet UIs, mashups, communities, and user-generated content often add more complexity than they’re worth. They also divert design resources and prove (once again) that what’s hyped is rarely what’s most profitable.

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