Extreme telecommuting: how to move to Italy and keep your day job

Tech sites present plenty of speculation on new tech and ways of working. Is this just the jabbering of pundits or is all of it making a difference on the ground? A conversation with Barry Frangipane, the co-author of The Venice Experiment, proves work is changing.

Web work: the cure for summer slacking?

With the arrival of summer weather, it’s natural for workers’ minds to turn to enjoying the sunshine and to drift a bit from spreadsheets, sales targets and the like. So what’s the cure for this summer slacking? The Chicago Tribune says an increase in web work.

6 key legal issues for web workers

When you work online, it’s easy to feel relaxed about legal issues, but there are many laws that can potentially impact you. Benjamin Wright is an attorney specializing in the issues surrounding working online. He points to six questions that web-based workers must keep in mind:

New research on web work and workaholism under way

Jay Mulki, a professor at Northeastern University, has been studying the issue of web work and workaholism, and is currently analyzing the results. In advance of the release of the research, Mulki gave a sneak peak of his developing findings to the University’s website.

Forget time management; worry about ego management instead

You’re a web worker and you’re all kitted out. You’re ready to confront everything the world of remote collaboration throws at you, so why are you constantly so stressed? According to research, the challenges are often more often internal than is generally acknowledged.

Web work: Not for the insecure?

Issues like time management and work-life balance challenges have been covered on WebWorkerDaily before, but one difficult aspect of solo work studied by Susan J. Ashford, professor at the University of Michigan, is less often discussed: the challenges to ego and self-worth that solo work presents.

GoDropBox allows people to upload files to your Google Docs account

GoDropBox is a third-party add-on for Google Apps that adds a public mailbox to your Google Docs account, enabling anyone with the appropriate link to upload files to your account. This is handy for web workers who would like to accept files too big to email.

The Mill brings an informal coworking option to Seattle

When Jana and Keith Harper returned to Seattle a few months ago, after spending a couple of years in New York City, they decided that they wanted to create a coworking space. The Mill, their new business, was up and running in less than two weeks.

Workaholism: an occupational hazard for web workers?

Web work has many benefits, but less discussed are the downsides. Several experts feel that there is at least one serious one: increased workaholism. Does being on the cutting edge of connectivity and evolving workstyles make web workers more vulnerable to becoming workaholics?

Web Workers Abroad: Now’s the Time to Disclose Tax Naughtiness

For plugged-in workers, the web offers the ability to work from anywhere – including other countries. For web workers who’ve worked while abroad and maybe weren’t entirely honest with Uncle Sam about the money they made there, the IRS is currently offering an amnesty.