How to successfully manage the consumerization of IT

Yes, it’s possible for IT departments to manage the consumerization of IT without stopping it. Huddle’s Andy McLoughlin offers a simple approach that allows corporate IT departments the flexibility to give employees choices about mobile devices and the control to ensure that networks are safe.

Are social network fanatics less ethical?

If asked to imagine the drawbacks of connecting online via social networks, most of us would probably suggest something like the time-wasting attractions of the likes of FarmVille. But a new survey suggests another surprising possible drawback of heavy social network use: lower ethical standards.

A plea for a better Google Docs

Most of us who work with Google Docs have or will at some point get frustrated with it. After a recent poll, it’s clear the product that we know and like could be so much better with more attention from its creator. Herewith is our manifesto.

Coworking beloved by users but not bean counters, survey finds

Coworking magazine Deskmag presented the results of its second annual coworking survey at the Coworking Europe Conference last week. While the findings confirm that coworking is well-loved by participants, the numbers also indicate there are some challenges ahead for the movement.

Extreme telecommuting: how to move to Italy and keep your day job

Tech sites present plenty of speculation on new tech and ways of working. Is this just the jabbering of pundits or is all of it making a difference on the ground? A conversation with Barry Frangipane, the co-author of The Venice Experiment, proves work is changing.

GoDropBox allows people to upload files to your Google Docs account

GoDropBox is a third-party add-on for Google Apps that adds a public mailbox to your Google Docs account, enabling anyone with the appropriate link to upload files to your account. This is handy for web workers who would like to accept files too big to email.

oDesk, Freelancers & the Future of Work

oDesk this week announced a new service called oDesk Staffing, which gives U.S.-based freelancers access to benefits (including health coverage, retirement plans and education savings accounts) and other services. It’s a smart move, as it positions the company to take advantage of a major societal shift.