Prepare for the next generation of enterprise collaboration

Jacob Morgan, author of The Collaborative Organization, talks about the evolution of corporate collaboration platforms, what collaboration resources young workers entering companies will expect, and how to get people to actually use the tools provided.

Coworking beloved by users but not bean counters, survey finds

Coworking magazine Deskmag presented the results of its second annual coworking survey at the Coworking Europe Conference last week. While the findings confirm that coworking is well-loved by participants, the numbers also indicate there are some challenges ahead for the movement.

The Quest for the Perfect Web Working Tool

Every day, it seems, there are dozens of new applications available to help with different aspects of web working. It got me thinking. What is it we really need as web workers these days, and is anyone working to find solutions to those problems?

The Day I Disconnected

Last weekend, I disconnected from the web completely. Unlike a holiday, though, I still needed to go about my ordinary activities. This experience revealed to me how much I’ve come to rely on the web, and highlighted some unexpected ways it’s changing my lifestyle.

12 Ways to Find More Time

The return of daylight savings time often brings with it a flurry of complaints about losing something web workers treasure most: time. Here are twelve ways to claw some if it back:

Where Will We Be at the End of the Next Decade?

The beginning of a new decade is a great time for retrospectives and looking back at what brought us to where we are now, but it’s also a good time to pause and reflect about where the next ten years might take us. Specifically, how might we expect the next decade to affect web working practices, and change the lives of those of us who make our living online? Read More about Where Will We Be at the End of the Next Decade?