ConnectSolutions’ Podium 2: Webcasting With Real-Time Collaboration

When collaborating, sharing information, holding conversations and generally connecting with the rest of your team can be the difficult part. When you’re working at the enterprise level, the situation gets more complex; you may need to get information out quickly to a large group of employees.

10 Distance Learning Opportunities Through Webinars

I’m a firm believer in the adage “you get what you pay for.” However, I also can’t deny the incredible value being put out onto the Internet for free by some very talented people. With the decreasing costs of web conferencing software from the likes of Calliflower, DimDim, PalBee and Rondee, offering webinars has never been easier or more affordable. Webinars these days can include audio, video and slide presentations, some with audience participation, and be either live or on-demand.

In order to showcase their apps and services, many of these web conferencing companies offer free or affordable webinars on a variety of business topics to lure in new customers. Additionally, some companies hold free webinars to showcase their expertise. Either way, there are more and more free webinars offered every day. You can use them to gain knowledge from credible consultants, authors and other experts. Read More about 10 Distance Learning Opportunities Through Webinars

Upcoming Event: Free Twitter Power Tips Webcast

twitter_logo_headerIf you, like so many of us these days, are trying to get more out of Twitter, you may want to register for next week’s free, hour-long O’Reilly “Twitter Power Tips” webcast, being held Thursday, May 21 at 10 a.m. PDT.

Hosted by Tim O’Reilly and Sarah Milstein, co-authors of “The Twitter Book,” the webcast will feature key tips and real-life examples from power users. The presentation will be followed by an attendee Q&A session.

I’ve attended a couple of previous O’Reilly webcasts; they’re high-quality presentations with respected speakers that typically impart a good deal of useful information. There is an archive of previous webcasts on the O’Reilly web site if you’d like to check out past sessions, too.

Share your Twitter power tips in the comments.

Thought of the Day: Perfection is the Enemy!


Recently I had a conversation with a Found|READ contributor about common pitfalls founders face. (Hint: I found this image of the Perfection Monster on the web.) Sure, perfectionists are annoying, but he addressed the dangers of such aspirations in a way that is especially relevant to startups, and I think it bears repeating:

“One of the biggest mistakes founders make is thinking [they] can only launch once. Wrong! We aren’t launching a space shuttle here! You can unbake the pie…[recognize your mistakes and make amendments, he meant]. Movies can only premier once. But your product can prelaunch, relaunch and postlaunch.”

This amplifies a piece of advice I got not long ago from my own mentor, first penned by VoltaireRead More about Thought of the Day: Perfection is the Enemy!