Pandora Is Both Hiring and Firing

Pandora CEO Tim Westergren says ad sales are looking up and that the Internet radio company is bringing on more staff — in the same blog post in which he announces that the firm’s laying off 20 of its 140 employees due to the broader economic downturn.

IVT Emerges to Claim Corporate Video Turf

IVT, a startup that’s been quietly accumulating an impressive list of customers for the last three years, is launching itself to the public tomorrow as a service for corporate video. The company describes itself as a “YouTube for business,” something that was simply a nice analogy until recently, when Google launched exactly that product.

IVT’s service is a bit more comprehensive, however, most importantly in that it offers webcasting, which Google does not. It also converts all sorts of multimedia files into web-viewable Flash, including WebEx meetings, Polycom conference calls and slide decks. Customers include Cisco (c CSCO), AT&T (c T), IBM (s IBM), Ernst & Young, Oracle (s ORCL), NEC, Rohm & Haas (s ROH) and EDS (s EDS).

What’s great about the IVT platform is that most of it’s accessible from the web, but at the same time it hardly looks simple or easy to use, especially with different proprietary tools for publishing, webcasting and permission-based content viewing.

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