Mirantis pitches a do-it-yourself OpenStack cloud

Which OpenStack component is best for your needs? Mirantis says its Do-it-Yourself OpenStack service can sort this out for you and provide the best, most stable OpenStack infrastructure to meet given needs.

Polycom wants to build a modern conference call that doesn’t suck

Conference calls and collaboration needs an overhaul to fit better in this consumer-oriented VoIP, video and social age. Too many platforms, complicated dial-ins and keeping clients up to date, make the experience miserable. Polycom wants to change that, with new software. Yes, software.

ClearSlide, a collaboration platform, gets $28M in new funds

San Francisco startup ClearSlide will use $28 million in new funding to staff up across the board and open a New York sales office. ClearSlide’s SaaS service is an easy to use way for sales people to send and share pitches. No more Webex!

The lessons of Virgin Media’s flexible working initiative

Virgin Media announced today that it’s rolling out a suite of Cisco collaboration tools after a successful pilot. How did they ensure a widespread adoption of these tools and a smooth transition to new ways of working? Both companies share lessons from the pilot.

How to embrace remote meetings

Consider this: managers spend between 30 to 80 percent of their time in meetings and more than 50 percent of them consider many meetings to be a “waste of time.” oDesk CEO Gary Swart shares his proven techniques for running a successful company meeting.

Xobni’s Gadgets Bring Third-Party Collaboration Tools to Outlook

Xobni, a popular productivity add-on for Outlook that automatically displays additional information about email contacts, has announced that it is making available “gadgets,” third-party additions to Xobni that will let well-known collaboration tools like Yammer, Chatter and Dropbox become an integral part of the Outlook interface.

Easier Conference Calls: Tungle.me Now Has WebEx Integration

Scheduling conference calls can be a real pain. If you’re a user of meeting scheduling app Tungle.me (a favorite of WWD writer Aliza Sherman), then the process just got a little easier, because the company has rolled out integration with conference call provider WebEx.

10 Distance Learning Opportunities Through Webinars

I’m a firm believer in the adage “you get what you pay for.” However, I also can’t deny the incredible value being put out onto the Internet for free by some very talented people. With the decreasing costs of web conferencing software from the likes of Calliflower, DimDim, PalBee and Rondee, offering webinars has never been easier or more affordable. Webinars these days can include audio, video and slide presentations, some with audience participation, and be either live or on-demand.

In order to showcase their apps and services, many of these web conferencing companies offer free or affordable webinars on a variety of business topics to lure in new customers. Additionally, some companies hold free webinars to showcase their expertise. Either way, there are more and more free webinars offered every day. You can use them to gain knowledge from credible consultants, authors and other experts. Read More about 10 Distance Learning Opportunities Through Webinars