7 things we learned at Structure Europe

Facebook’s breaking up with hardware OEMs, Europeans distrust the cloud and it’s anyone’s guess whether there will be an Amazon of Europe. Those were among the key takeaways from the first-ever Structure Europe event in Amsterdam last week.

Wercker aims to “fix” the app dev universe

Wercker says its continuous delivery SaaS will fill a huge gap in today’s software landscape where developers rely on cloud services like Github to store and version their code and PaaSes to deploy it. What’s lacking is a SaaS to keep updates flowing.

Say hello to our 5 Structure:Europe LaunchPad finalists!

We’re three weeks away from our inaugural Structure: Europe event, but before we head across the pond we wanted to introduce our readers to our five Structure:Europe LaunchPad finalists. The companies, who come from across the EU will present on Oct. 16 in Amsterdam.