WD media players get Hulu Plus

Hulu is catching up to its subscription service competitors by rolling out its Hulu Plus service to more devices. The newest Hulu Plus-enabled devices are the family of WD TV media players. The WD TV Live Hub media player also received access to ShoutCast today.

Another SSD Hardware Startup Gets Cash. When’s the Shakeout?

Kaminario, which provides high-performance storage, has raised a $15 million C round of financing. As SSD startups hit maturity and the market for using solid state drives in data centers for high-performance and energy efficient storage heats up, when will we see the inevitable consolidation?

SSDs May Have Flash But Western Digital Bets $4.3B on Disks

All the cool data centers are deploying solid state drives that use Flash memory as opposed to janky old hard drives, so why is Western Digital shelling out $4.3 billion to acquire the old-fashioned hard disk drive business of Hitatchi ?

WD Markets New Powerline Adapter as Video Friendly

Western Digital is introducing a new powerline home networking adapter today that’s specifically pitched as a way to get video into the living room. The WD Livewire Powerline AV Network Kit could be a good fit for people with Internet-ready TVs and set-top boxes.

Is the SSD Ever Going to Take Off?

Two years ago we were hearing that the SSD would be the standard storage in computers, and soon. The standard hard drive (HDD) is still the primary storage on most everything sold currently, with SSDs relegated to pricey options. So what happened?