WhatsApp adds end-to-end encryption to its Android app

Whatsapp just got a whole lot more secure for Android users. On Tuesday, the company announced that it’s added a strong encryption protocol to its Android app, which means that Whatsapp can no longer read your messages, even if compelled by law enforcement.

A reminder of how ultra-cheap Androids are taking over in emerging markets — fast

In emerging markets, smartphones are gaining ground based on crazily low pricing. Check out this Gadget piece about recent figures from South African retail giant Pep. In the second half of 2013, 1 percent of the pre-pay phones Pep sold were smartphones. That was up to 13 percent in the first half of this year, and soon it will be 30 percent. Much of this is down to the arrival of super-cheap, WhatsApp-centric Android(s goog) phones priced as low as R399 ($38). Now consider that Microsoft(s msft) just killed off Asha, the low-end Nokia line that’s been its big contender in markets such as this. Those cheap new Lumias had better be really cheap.