The Weird Launch of the Wheego Electric Car

I was going to title this post, “How Not to Launch an Electric Car,” but I thought that might be too harsh. Still, the launch of the two-seater LiFe electric car by the startup Wheego at the L.A. Auto Show last week was pretty unusual.

10 Green Cars To Watch For At the LA Auto Show

The city that’s so defined by its car culture, traffic and massive freeways, is hosting a major auto show this week: the LA Auto Show. Here’s 10 green cars to watch for outta the show this week.

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Stimulus Sweepstakes: — The stimulus package may revive the fortunes of OptiSolar, Abengoa and other renewable energy companies stalled by the financial crisis, but the clock is ticking. — Fortune’s Green Wombat

Getting Smart with Biofuels: Key policy reforms can accelerate the transition to cellulosic feedstocks for biofuels and give them an important role in curbing climate change, according to a new report from the Sierra Club and Worldwatch Institute. — Press Release

U.S. to Get the Whip: RTEV’s Wheego Electric Cars plans to launch a U.S. dealer network. To start, it wants 50 dealers selling the Whip, a low-speed neighborhood electric vehicle. — AutoblogGreen

Mighty Microbes: Researchers at MIT think bacteria can help build better biofuels, clean up the atmosphere, and make biodegradable plastics and textiles. — MIT News

And the Winners Are: The Uptime Institute has named the corporations that made the cut for this year’s Global Green 100 list, which highlights energy efficiency achievements by major data center operators. Among the honorees: Accenture, Apple, Dell, Google, Halliburton and Mitsubishi Motors. — Press Release