EBay puts WHERE to work as PayPal Media Network

A year after eBay bought mobile ad network WHERE, it’s ready to show how it will put the Boston startup to work. WHERE will become PayPal Media Network, as it moves beyond serving location-based mobile ads to offering inventory across eBay’s different online properties.

PayPal pitches its wider vision for mobile payments

PayPal, which has been a powerhouse in online payments but hasn’t really cracked the market for real-world payments of goods, is starting to show off how it can put all of its components and recent acquisitions together to form a broad tool for mobile payments.

New Localicious app shows why some devs prefer Android

WhitePages’ new local discovery app is launching on Android first, in part because the platform allows it the ability to better track the efficacy of location-based ads. It’s another sign that Android is appealing to more developers.

WHERE CEO Doyle On eBay Deal

The mobile industry is notoriously fast-paced, but if it’s possible the race to build mobile payment systems is moving even faster. As big n…

Local, Mobile Ambitions Driving eBay’s Purchase of Where

EBay is buying location-based service and ad network WHERE in a deal that gives it added ability to drive more local and offline commerce. The pick-up will add important talent and technology to eBay and PayPal as they look to become more locally relevant to users.

WHERE Uses Facebook and Bump to Socialize Local Recommendations

Mobile location app WHERE is taking the next step in the local recommendations game by integrating its service with Facebook and Bump, helping its 4 million users get and share suggestions more easily. The company updated its Android and iPhone apps today with the added functionality.