FCC outlines $15B spectrum flip from TV broadcast to mobile

The FCC wants to kick off an incentive auction in 2014 that would buy back TV airwaves from the broadcasters and sell them to mobile operators at a premium. The plan isn’t without critics, but in general it was lauded by both consumer groups and carriers.

Brits score white space first with city-wide network

Too slow, America. While Congress and the FCC have spent forever deciding what to do with white spaces on the spectrum, the English city of Cambridge has gone ahead and rolled out the first active city-wide network.

Siri isn’t a bandwidth hog & users aren’t the problem

The sky is falling again in cellular land, and this time Siri is to blame. At least that’s the assessment form this opinion article in the Washington Post this morning claiming Siri’s piggy ways will destroy our cellular networks. But this assessment is wrong.

Nation’s first Super Wi-Fi network arrives

New Hanover County in North Carolina became the first county in the United States to deploy a Super Wi-Fi network, but the real question is will it also be the last? The technology is not as healthy as the pomp and circumstance surrounding the launch indicates.