White spaces are a go! (at least in Wilmington)

Ignoring the threats by Congress to kill off white spaces, the Federal Communications Commission has approved commercial operations of the first networks and devices to tap into the airwave gaps between TV broadcasts, potentially setting off a new revolution in ‘Super Wi-Fi’ services.

Congress, please don’t kill white spaces

The spectrum bill that passed the House last night will make any technologist weep. I know the tech community is upset over the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), but this bill represents a somewhat geekier threat–killing more unlicensed spectrum.

What comes after Siri? A web that talks back

Siri may be the hottest personal assistant since I Dream of Jeannie, but Apple’s artificial intelligence is only the tip of the iceberg as we combine ubiquitous connectivity, sensor networks, big data, new AI and programming into a truly connected network.

A database to help the military share its airwaves

The spectrum shortage, backed by scary stats from Cisco, is the rationale for a $39-billion merger the Justice Department is currently fighting. The running narrative is we want to use a ton of data but our airwaves can’t handle it. But what if we shared?

FCC set to trial first database for Super Wi-Fi

Call it what you want, but Super Wi-Fi or white spaces broadband just got a big win today when the FCC approved the first trial using the radio and database needed to deliver the broadband service. the test brings us one step closer to better broadband.

White spaces standards are here. Next up: devices!

Another hurdle was removed today for “Wi-Fi on steroids,” as the IEEE published a wireless standard that could bring high-speed broadband to rural areas. The so-called white-space networks use unlicensed spectrum freed up from old television channels and could send fast wireless signals across 100 kilometers.

7 Technologies to Solve the Spectrum Crisis

Demand for mobile data appears to outstrip the supply of spectrum available to provide Facebook or streaming video on our phones and tablets. However, we are ignoring some very promising technological solutions that could turn the spectrum crunch into a capital spending bonanza by telecommunications companies.

E-books and White Spaces on the Rise in Q3

Amid other announcements, two specific areas of the connected consumer industry had especially significant developments in the third quarter: e-books and TV-band white spaces. And as we discuss in a new report at GigaOM Pro, developments in these areas could have tremendous effect on the industry.

How the White Space Ruling Could Affect the Smart Grid

The FCC has finally ruled on how to govern the so-called white space spectrum, which was freed up when analog TV channel operators switched to digital. This could have some important implications for the emerging smart grid space.