Wi-Fi’s annoying little secret: Not all Wi-Fi is created equal

We love Wi-Fi, but we don’t always understand it. Just because we have a Wi-Fi connection doesn’t mean we’ll get the same awesome experience we get at home or in our offices. Here’s why your airplane or Amtrak Wi-Fi is both pricey and slow.

With Miracast, Nvidia’s Tegra 3 enables wireless displays

Streaming video, pictures or even games from your tablet or smartphone to an HDTV without wires is about to get easier thanks to the new Miracast standard. Nvidia is ready to support it with the Tegra 3, turning mobile devices into set-top boxes and gaming machines.

Roaming: the missing piece to the smartphone-Wi-Fi puzzle

Soon your smartphone will be able to connect seamlessly to your mobile operator’s Wi-Fi hotspots. But what about hotspots that your carrier doesn’t manage? It turns out the world of Wi-Fi roaming is a whole new bag of problems, but the industry has a fix in mind.

Cisco first out the door with next-gen hotspot

??Last week, the Wi-Fi Alliance and the Wireless Broadband Alliance announced significant progress in their shared goal of making your phone connect seamlessly with Wi-Fi networks. Now at Mobile World Congress, Cisco is proffering up the first equipment that supports those Next Generation Hotspot and Hotspot 2.0 standards.

The next generation of Wi-Fi hotspots is coming

The Wi-Fi Alliance will begin certifying devices under its new Passport initiative, which ensures that mobile phones can log into Wi-Fi networks seamlessly. Now it’s the Wireless Broadband Alliance’s turn to take over, integrating those devices and the access points into the mobile operator’s network.

Why connecting to a Wi-Fi hotspot is about to get easier

In the near future, getting your smartphone, tablet or laptop connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot won’t be an exercise in frustration. The Wi-Fi Alliance will begin to certify wireless devices for its industry-wide Passpoint initiative this July. Goodbye to splash-screens and network-specific log-ins!

Nation’s first Super Wi-Fi network arrives

New Hanover County in North Carolina became the first county in the United States to deploy a Super Wi-Fi network, but the real question is will it also be the last? The technology is not as healthy as the pomp and circumstance surrounding the launch indicates.

Wi-Fi Direct Promises Device-to-Device Connectivity

Wi-Fi Direct, the standard for device-to-device connections without a traditional network, is finally getting out of the gates officially with the Wi-Fi Alliance certifying the first generation of products today. The initial devices, mostly laptop mini-cards, are now available and testing is open to new gadgets.