T-Mobile aiming for Wi-Fi calling on Nexus 6 before April

Although the Google Nexus 6 is a fairly universal phone that works on all major U.S. carriers, those who use it on T-Mobile will get some custom features, including support for Wi-Fi calling, says TMoNews.

T-Mobile is working to add the feature and hopes to release it this quarter according to a tweet from one of the carrier’s senior product spokesman:

The twitter conversation started with a reference to [company]T-Mobile[/company]’s rollout of [company]Google[/company] Android 5.0 for the Samsung Galaxy S5, but turned to new features for the Nexus 6. The company has already announced the Nexus 6 will gain support for the carriers 700MHz LTE bands through a software update, which is expected early this year.

Nexus 6

The T-Mobile representative noted on Twitter that not all of the new features may appear in a single update; the carrier will likely add 700MHz support, VoLTE calling and Wi-Fi calling in stages but I wouldn’t be surprised if all of those are readily available in the first half of 2015.

BBM Voice: RIM adds Wi-Fi voice calling to BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry 6 OS devices now have a new BBM feature: Voice calls over Wi-Fi. The software, which is coming to BB 5 as well, can help BlackBerry users talk and text at the same time, while cutting down on voice minute usage; good for emerging markets.

Galaxy Nexus + data plan + VoIP support = free calls!

My Galaxy Nexus smartphone is now capable of receiving free voice calls and making low-cost outbound calls on a data-only mobile broadband plan. How can you send and receive calls on a smartphone without a voice plan? Android’s native SIP integration is a big help.