Walking with a smartphone could actually keep you safe from cars

Once everyone has a smartphone, it’s clear that if you want to know where someone is, you just have to find their phone. GM is counting on that, testing a wireless pedestrian system in vehicles that uses Wi-Fi Direct to detect and avoid walkers and bicyclists.

Video: Wi-Fi Direct, an Easier Way to Connect Wireless Devices

Directly connecting Wi-Fi devices to each other is now simple and configuration-free thanks to Wi-Fi Direct. Here at CES, I got a look at demo apps using this peer-to-peer technology, which I expect to see in many phones and consumer electronics devices in 2011.

Samsung Has First Wi-Fi Direct Smartphone

Samsung’s Galaxy S is the first smartphone certified for Wi-Fi Direct, a new standard that supports peer-to-peer wireless transfers without an access point or hotspot. Users could securely shoot media or data to a wireless printer, hard drive, picture frame or any number of Wi-Fi-capable devices.

Wi-Fi Direct Promises Device-to-Device Connectivity

Wi-Fi Direct, the standard for device-to-device connections without a traditional network, is finally getting out of the gates officially with the Wi-Fi Alliance certifying the first generation of products today. The initial devices, mostly laptop mini-cards, are now available and testing is open to new gadgets.