Is “Windows Mobile” running on the wrong device class?

Asuseeepc701There’s plenty of great mobile tech news out of Computex; in fact, I’m still kicking myself for not having a passport yet. If nothing else, I think that missing the show will finally push me to get my passport so I don’t miss any other good worldwide events. The new OLPC-like peer from Intel, the Eee PC 701, sounds interesting of course; especially when starting at $200. Then there’s the NanoBook, another 7-inch screen device with a keyboard that should come in around $600. Several near-pocketable devices are in the mix also: the Raon Digital EVERUN and the Amtek U560.

So we’re seeing the product pipeline here and it got me thinking: do we have the wrong operating system to be mobile? Perhaps the OS we need isn’t available just yet….

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Samsung Customer Support update 2

Sammy has arrived safe and sound in Irving, Texas as you can see by the UPS tracking. UPS did their part, now the question is: how long will it take Samsung to do their part. Since the internal power converter appears hosed in Sammy, I expect one of two things: the broken parts will get replaced OR (and I hope this isn’t the case for sentimental reasons), Sammy will get swapped out. I have his serial number written down, so we’ll see…..

Warcraft gives peace a chance

Okay that is not true, but Netcraft reports that the wildly popular World of Warcraft online game is having a big of a meltdown, (what in real world would be a heat wave in the Eastern US), and the site was offline for most of
Tuesday. The official reason – maintenance. There are 3.5 million gamers who subscribe to this game, with nearly 1.5 million in China alone. Clearly this online gaming is not easy – ask 45 engineers who work around the clock to keep EverQuest humming like a finely tuned Ferrari.

EVDO, now in many more cities

Sprint launched its EVDO service, soon after Verizon upped the total number of EVDO-enabled cities to 50. Sprint says about 150 million people in at least 60 metropolitan areas across the nation by early 2006 will have access to its service. For now, if you read between the lines (or simply read the lines) “Sprint is rolling out its EV-DO service initially in business corridors with high wireless-data traffic demands, such as airports and central business districts … service will begin during July in major airports and business districts in 34 markets.” Not a big deal or is it?

The Indirect VoIP Play, Audiocodes

Indirect VoIP play, Audiocodes (AUDC) seems to be winning big because of increase in VoIP spending. The company reported 1Q 2005 sales of $26.9 million and EPS of $0.07. Even though carriers are being as stingy as Billy Beane, they are still willing to spend on VoIP. Audiocodes, an Israeli company makes media gateway, server and processing technologies, and has fast growing chip and software business. The company says it has won several tier- one design wins for cable VoIP in Latin America, Europe, and two new media server wins in North America. The company is spending heavily on R&D, and as a result IRG Research expects the revenues to take a slight dip in the near term. Keep an eye out on this one!

OptoElectronics Market $25 billion in 5 years

The demand for opto-electronic components is going to top $25 billion in five years. The market for opto-electronic components was estimated at $9 billion in 2003. These are the findings of the third edition of the ‘Strategic Study of the Worldwide Semiconductor Optoelectronic Component Industry to 2008.’ The growth in demand for these components is going to come despite slow down in the communications related demand. The market for LEDs of all types will continue to see some of the best growth in the opto market. The annual growth rate will be 23% from a 2003 market of US$3.5 billion to US$9.9 billion by 2008.

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