Cisco invests in Wilocity to develop 5 Gbps WiGig technology for the enterprise

Cisco Systems(s csco) and high-capacity wireless chipmaker Wilocity revealed on Wednesday they have started working together to develop 60 GHz enterprise networking products that could support massive transmission speeds of 5 Gbps. The new technology is based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) 802.11ad standard for ultra-fast in-building networks and will eventually be certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance under the name WiGig. Cisco Enterprise Networking Group CTO Bob Friday said that Cisco has made a minor strategic investment in Wilocity, but the companies are not revealing the amount.

Can WiGig become as much a household name as Wi-Fi?

The Wi-Fi Alliance is keeping WiGig separate from its storied Wi-Fi moniker. Instead, it’s trying to build a brand around WiGig that it hopes will one day be as instantly recognizable as Wi-Fi.

Nitero gets $3.1M in funds for gigabit Wi-Fi chips

Several startups are working on new multi-gigabit Wi-Fi (WiGig) chips that use the 60GHz band and can be used to connect devices such as computer displays and peripherals. Nitero of Austin, Texas is one of them and it just got $3.1 million in new funds.

Coming Soon to Your HD Home Theater…7Gbps

The Wireless Gigabit Ethernet Alliance today came out with its first version of a standard designed to send video wirelessly around the home at transmission rates of 7 gigabits per second, or 10 times faster than what you can do using the fastest Wi-Fi out today.