For Some Losing Weight Equals Big Business

wiiadWhat do Apple (s aapl), Nike (s nke) and Nintendo all have in common? In addition to leading their respective markets, they’re all turning to the fitness industry to grow revenues, some more than others.
Talk about a “new vertical.”
Nintendo, the most ambitious of the bunch, actually got its start making playing cards in 1889, before becoming a dominate force in video games 100 years later with the help of a rotund plumber named Mario. Now the company wants to whip that chubby Italian into shape, with the help of fitness Trojan horses like the release of last year’s Wii Balance Board. Read More about For Some Losing Weight Equals Big Business

Wii Fit on Track to Outsell GTA IV This Year

The market for video games is changing profoundly, and a comparison of two prominent titles’ recent sales figures shows just how much: Wii Fit, a game largely marketed to women, is outpacing the latest installment of one of the industry’s biggest franchises, Grand Theft Auto.