Say goodbye to Willow Garage

Many employees of Willow Garage, which pioneered work in “open source” robotics including Personal Robot 2, have moved on, although the company continues to sell and support its robots.

Kickstarter effort turns netbooks into robots!

Got an old netbook? For a $225 Kickstarter pledge, you can turn a netbook into a telepresence robot, remotely controlling it over from a web browser or a smartphone. Over a web connection, you could even use the Oculus robot to speak with remote workers.

New-look robots kick butt, sort socks, scratch itches

The Jetson’s Rosie the Robot is not reality yet, but new-age robots are getting smarter and more adaptive given new toolsets, artifiical intelligence and good old-fashioned training, according to robotics experts at the Emtech 2011 conference at MIT this week.

How Kinect could turn smartphones into robots

Microsoft today adds Kinect support for its Robotics Developer Studio. Software and an SDK are helpful, but the real news may be in Microsoft’s 2010 purchase of Canesta, which has a chip-level pattern recognition solution. With it, Microsoft could shrink Kinect functionality to fit in smartphones.