Karma brings its community broadband experiment to LTE

Karma is building a community of mobile broadband users who share their connections without sharing their data. It’s attracted 50,000 users so far, a number it hopes to boost as it moves to Sprint’s LTE network.

Why Sprint is pushing LTE for 100 cities in “coming months”

Sprint’s timetable is vague, but Monday it listed the 100 cities that will soon have LTE service. The carrier had an early 4G advantage if you count WiMAX in 2008, but has been lapped since then. Unlimited data is nice, but customers want more speed.

iPod touch as a phone sounds great, unless you need 911

Thinking of dumping your phone for an iPod touch with the FreedomPop WiMAX sleeve? Sounds like a good plan unless you happen to encounter something unplanned: An emergency. The device doesn’t support 911 calling and the company hasn’t yet figured out an alternative solution.

Clearwire starts shrinking as Sprint makes the leap to LTE

Clearwire lost subscribers for the first time in the second quarter as a result of Sprint discontinuing new contract WiMAX device sales. Sprint has tied its star to LTE, and Clearwire would like to follow, but if the 4G carrier may have already reached its apex.

On-Ramp aims to raise $30M for low-power wireless tech

Finding a better, low-power way to send data over long distance is crucial for tracking and conserving energy. On-Ramp Wireless is tackling this challenge and now aims to raise nearly $30 million to commercialize this technology.

Sprint packs WiMAX and LTE into latest hotspot

Sprint is cramming an awful lot of radios into its latest hotspot. On May 18, Sprint will begin selling the Sierra Wireless Tri-Fi hotspot, which customers can immediately connect to its 3G and WiMAX networks but will eventually support Sprint’s planned LTE network.

As Sprint turns to LTE, WiMAX becomes its prepaid 4G network

Sprint doesn’t plan to dump WiMAX entirely after it takes its LTE live this summer. Instead, it plans to reposition the older 4G technology as the network for its prepaid customers. Sprint will begin selling WiMAX devices next quarter under the Boost and Virgin brands.

Why you’ll likely see Sprint LTE phones sooner than later

Sprint customers holding out hope for new WiMAX smartphones can officially consider such hopes dashed: no additional WiMAX phones will be launched. The carrier’s LTE tests are wrapping up and on track for a mid-year launch; we may see Sprint LTE phones sooner than later.