Microsoft tweaks Windows 7 retirement plan to allow business PC sales after October cut-off

Microsoft(s msft) will continue to allow PC manufacturers to make and sell Windows 7 business machines beyond the original 31 October cut-off date. The change of plan, spotted by ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley, suggests Microsoft hasn’t seen sufficient enthusiasm from the business sector for its Windows 8 operating system (although a Microsoft exec denied this interpretation, telling Foley the company just wants to continue catering to businesses that are still deploying Windows 7). However, it should still be impossible to find a new Windows 7 consumer PC soon after the end of October.

HP just can’t quit Windows 7

More trouble in paradise? HP continues its love-hate affair with Microsoft, promoting sale of discounted PCs running a four-year-old version of Windows.

Why Windows 8 is Microsoft’s most vital launch in years

Years have gone by since Microsoft launched a version of Windows that made the general public stand up and take notice. On Wednesday, the company will allow tech enthusiasts to start poking around Windows 8, a product that could help Microsoft get its groove back.

A look back at mobile predictions for 2011

As 2011 comes to a close, I’m thinking ahead to what mobile technology trends I expect to see in 2012. While I formulate those thoughts for a post later this week, now is a good time to see how I did with my 2011 predictions.

One tablet for Windows and Android? It exists (but you may not want it)

Viewsonic launched its ViewPad 10pro tablet, a unique slate supporting both Google Android and Microsoft Windows 7. Android apps run in a unique virtualization mode, so there’s no need to shut down Windows to use mobile apps. But at this price, the display resolution is lacking.

Thanks to Microsoft, the Cloud Meets The Onion

The company that made the PC omnipresent in American homes is now trying to do the same thing with cloud computing. You’ve no doubt seen a frustrated mother on television going “to the cloud” to edit family photos. The Onion contributor Amelie Gillette certainly has.

Windows 7 Family Pack Returns

When Windows 7 launched last year, Microsoft offered a discounted Windows 7 “Family Pack.” It contained a product key that could be used on up to three machines; at $150, it was a pretty good deal for web workers with more than one machine to upgrade.

5 Must-have Free Windows 7 Utilities

Windows 7 is easily the best version of Windows but even so, it can be even better with the proper utilities. There are many utilities to choose from, however, so to help in the search here are my top five.

Windows 7 Upgrade Prices Drop, But Only For New Computers

Microsoft just kicked off a special pricing deal for it’s Windows 7 Anytime Upgrade program. You can save nearly 40-percent to move a netbook from Starter Edition to Home Premium, for example. But there’s a catch and I think Microsoft ought to remove it.