A brief history of Microsoft’s e-reader efforts

Although Microsoft invested $300 million in a Barnes & Noble spin-off on Monday, this isn’t the first time Microsoft played the e-book game. Typical for the company, it often has great ideas, but it errs on the timing: Microsoft debuted e-book software back in 2000!

Nokia factories shift to Asia: Did it have any choice?

Embattled Nokia is hoping it can become faster and more competitive by shifting the heart of its manufacturing operations to Asia, a move which will see 4,000 jobs cut in Finland, Hungary and Mexico but will be seen as long overdue.

Mobile virtualization: Another nail in the PC coffin

There’s a trend building, and it’s not good for the PC industry. It’s not tablet and smartphone growth — although that’s part of the trend — but virtualization on mobile devices. This allows remote PC access from a tablet, for example, and could hurt already slowing PC sales.

My 6 mobile productivity strategies for 2012

The last four years have shown remarkable growth in smartphone ownership, changing the mobile landscape as the phone becomes central to our lives. This year I’ll be looking for cross-platform apps, centralized notification services and solutions that intelligently handle more mundane tasks around my smart home.

MobileTechRoundup podcast 243

Joint Matt and Kevin as they return to the mobile tech podcast after a short summer break. Hands on thoughts with the HP TouchPad, myTouch 4G Slide, HTC Status Facebook phone and Nokia E6. Participate in the live show through the chat room!

Waze prepares for its closeup with Carmageddon

While almost no one is looking forward to Los Angeles’ so-called Carmageddon, an upcoming closure of a busy freeway, crowd-sourced traffic app Waze sees an opportunity to shine. The company is teaming with the local ABC affiliate to beef up ABC’s real-time traffic information for drivers.